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Well, there's an upcoming event:

There'll be 200 men fighting, mainly HL-Counterstrike, an ugly, disgusting game... but there'll also be a QuakeIII-Community and someone will play Unreal Tournament. There is also a server running StarCraft, but I'm not sure, if someone will really play this good, but slow game!
We have only one problem. You can play 2 sorts of contest:
4on4 or 6on6 in the Quake3Arena teamplay. Well, we're 6 men, but defender has no time this weekend! So, what remains? Yes, you're right, 5 poor men.
But this won't be a problem, I hope...
This will be our first contest, where we appear as a team, so, may the force be with us, and let's frag a lot!
For further information click here.
C ya at the GLP Phase III!!